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‍‍‍My ‍‍‍name is Beverly Calpito. I grew up in the Bay Area and have lived here the majority of my life. I was originally born in the Philippines, but moved here with my family when I was twelve. I have been working in the Finance and Administration department for John Muir as an Executive Assistant to the CFO for the past seven years. I previously worked for FedEx as a Managing Director Assistant for fifteen years.

I’m very passionate about my family, friends, and enjoying life. I love traveling, working out, working in the community, and spending time with my kids, family, and close friends.

I attended Putnam Clubhouse’s gala last year to support my brother, Mike Calpito, in his dance performance. He would always tell me about all of the great experiences he’s had working with the Clubhouse and the its amazing mission. After seeing what the Clubhouse is about in person, I could see why my brother loves being around it.

When my brother asked me to be one of his dance partners, I couldn’t say no. I greatly support the mission of the Clubhouse and all of the amazing things that they do. Mental health is such a sensitive subject for most adults, yet it is so common. The stress and anxiety that most adults deal with from work and life in general can grow to be such an overwhelming weight. To be able to support an organization that strives to advocate and educate on behalf of the greater mental health community is such an amazing feeling.

Although, my brother grabbed most of the dance genes from myself and my other siblings I still have a few moves of my own. He tends to forget who taught him how to do the running man and get down with all of those 90’s dance moves. haha.

I’m really looking forward to performing this year and helping bring more awareness to the importance of mental health and the greater mission of the Putnam Clubhouse!

Beverly Calpito

My name is Mike Calpito, and I am a Bay Area native. I graduated from WyoTech in West Sacramento at the age of 19. I worked in the automotive industry in multiple capacities while pursuing my passion for music and dance after work hours.

Currently, I work in the music industry doing music production for film, television, advertisements, and various music artists, along with being an independent music marketing consultant. I'm a classically trained pianist of 28 years, self-taught guitarist, and dancer specializing in popping, locking, hip-hop, house, and other urban dance styles.

I was a contestant on the first season of “So You Think You Can Dance” and placed in the top 50 dancers out of over a thousand in the Los Angeles region before getting eliminated from the competition. I’ve been an instructor for dance, music, and music production at various dance studios around the Bay Area since the age of 15 and for a San Francisco based nonprofit organization known as “Leap - Arts in Education,” where I was the dance instructor for elementary schools around San Francisco. I also taught music, music production, and web design independently and for Galileo Summer Camps to students ages 6 to 15.

I hold a special place in my heart for Putnam Clubhouse and love knowing that my skills and abilities have found a great home. I'm dancing for “So, Do You Think You Can Dance? Reach For the Stars!” because I have a handful of friends and family members who deal with mental health issues. I believe strongly in Putnam Clubhouse’s mission and am willing to do as much as I can to support it. I just want to do cool stuff and have fun doing it. I’ll entertain any opportunity that comes my way and don’t mind always having a full plate. When was the last time you heard someone complain about having too much food? My mom taught me to eat everything on my plate and not waste food. So, bring on the food and let’s eat!

Mike C‍‍‍alpito

Calpito Creative & Consulting, Owner


Putnam Clubhouse is affiliated with Clubhouse International and follows the Clubhouse Model. Clubhouse program components involve doing the tasks ne‍‍‍eded to run the Clubhouse (cooking, clerical, fundraising, etc.), structured employment and educational opportunities,social and recreational activities, community support, outreach to other members, and participation in Clubhouse governance.  Putnam Clubhouse is the first Clubhouse International-accredited program to open in Northern California.

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Tamara Hunter

Executive Director

Putnam Clu‍‍‍bhouse

The Contra Costa Clubhouses, Inc.

My name is Tamara Hunter, and I’m a native Californian, growing up in Oakland and spending my high school years in Dublin. I moved to Seattle at 19. After living in various cities in the Pacific Northwest, I returned to California in 2008 to take a job at Putnam Clubhouse, where I now serve as executive director.  

I’m very passionate about my work and love the clubhouse model. I adore our community and truly believe that helping people recover from mental illness is my life calling. I have the pleasure of being a part of something bigger than myself, since our work actually saves lives. It’s a life-changing experience to hear members say things like: Tamara, I got a job. I’m going to school. I love the work-ordered day. I would be in the hospital if it weren’t for the Clubhouse. I’m not isolated anymore. I'm grateful to have an accepting community. Comments like these confirm that our Clubhouse is truly a transformative, happy, and magical place!

My most notable life accomplishment is my work at Putnam Clubhouse, by far the most important thing I'll ever do in life and the most rewarding. I’m proud to say I‘ve been working at Putnam since before we opened almost 10 years ago.  

In 2011, I was a recipient of the Healthcare Heroes award for my service in the mental health field and recently received a collaboration award named after me. I’m significantly involved in the local mental health community and facilitate an array of collaborative interagency community events. I served on the NAMI Board (National Alliance on Mental Illness) for three years. I’m active in my church’s compassion ministries, which involves feeding and doing laundry for the homeless, visiting the sick, gathering donations, and distributing goods to those less fortunate during the holidays.  

Beyond my work at Putnam Clubhouse, mental illness has significantly impacted my immediate family. I’m the mother of two sons, James and Paul, who are the light of my life and live in the Seattle area. I have many hobbies, but the two I enjoy the most are cooking (I’m referred to as Chef Tamara at the Clubhouse!) and the other is ballroom dancing. My favorite dance form is Latin.  

I am dancing for “So, Do You Think You Can Dance? Reach For the Stars!” because I believe in the work I do and the work of the entire Putnam Clubhouse community. I’m committed to helping raise money for our program so we can continue changing members' lives!‍‍‍

Executive Assistant, Finance & Administration, John Muir‍‍‍

Tamara, Mike‍‍‍, & Beverly