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Miguel Dominguez

Professional Dancer,

Arthur Murray Dance Centers

Elizabeth Coombs Geilhufe
Associate, Mission Analytics Group, Inc.


Putnam Clubhouse is affiliated with Clubhouse International and follows the Clubhouse Model. Clubhouse program components involve doing the tasks needed to run the Clubhouse (cooking, clerical, fundraising, etc.), structured employment and educational opportunities,social and recreational activities, community support, outreach to other members, and participation in Clubhouse governance.  Putnam Clubhouse is the first Clubhouse International-accredited program to open in Northern California.

Meet Elizabeth and Miguel! Learn more about them below. If they've earned your vote, click the blue button to make your donation in support of their quest to be crowned our 2019 Champions!

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Vote for Elizabeth and Miguel!

So You Think You Can Dance: Reach for the Stars is a family tradition. My brother danced last year, my father the year before that. It’s finally my turn to support the Putnam Clubhouse through dance! Although I have no formal training (can you tell?!), I love to dance. Between my full-time job in healthcare policy and two children, ages seven and nine, I still find time to dance with friends. It’s been fun turning a little hobby into a way to support an organization so important to me and my family. My brother has been a member of the Clubhouse for seven years, living an active and productive life in the community. Through my dancing, I hope to share the good news about the Clubhouse and help the organization continue its amazing work.  





Elizabeth and Miguel